Saturday, January 14, 2012

DIY Crib Top Changing Table

The first 6 months while our baby was sleeping in a bassinet, I was changing her on my bed while sitting down on it, since we didn't have a changing table. But my back couldn't handle that anymore, so when we moved her to a large crib, we decided to make a changing table/top for it. I have seen these here in Europe, something like this:

We built ours from materials we had around the house: Some pieces of wood left over from other projects and a sponge padding form an outdoor cushion that we no longer used (I too off the fabric cover and washed it). The only thing we bought was a small piece of new vinyl tablecloth that my husband stapled over the padding. And this is the result:

It is so much easier on my back to change my baby here. And I can reach everything without going away from the changing top. My diaper stacker with cloth diapers is hanging on the left side from the crib and the dresser with her clothes is right behind me when I change her. If I need to leave for some reason, I can just put her down into the crib - very convenient.

The changing top lies securely over the crib and can not move because of these two pieces of wood which are holding it in place from both sides. Yet it can be taken down when baby is sleeping in the crib.

And here she is - my sweet 7 month old cutie pie on her new changing table.

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Sharon said...

I remember changing diapers on the bed hurting my back, too. At first glance, this contraption looks too high for me, but then I think the baby bed sides are shorter than what I'm used to having. It looks so nice too. Good job on that!

Taly said...

Thank you Sharon. I find it is the perfect height and finally my back doesn't hurt :)

katchena said...

wohooo, looking great. well done.

Jenny said...

I love this idea. Could you tell me the dimensions of the tray, my father-in-law is very handy and I might be able to talk him into making me one.

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